Protecting your business and your customers' privacy.

Storing and using business and personal data means having to comply with a wide range of complex laws and regulations.

eNaycH takes the hard work out of compliance for you and can help with personal data security.

Data Protection & Privacy Laws Are Changing


General Data Protection Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulations enforcement begins on 25th May 2018 (the “GDPR Effective Date”).

Under the GDPR, it will be essential to show that personal data is secured properly according to its sensitivity and classification.

Are your prepared for the transition?


New Data Protection Act

Incorporating the GDPR into the laws of the United Kingdom even before ‘Brexit’.

The new data protection legislation – the GDPR – comes into effect this May and there should be a new Data Protection Act in force then too.

Source: ICO

eNaycH helps with all forms of personal and business data


Business, charity or public body – if you handle personal data you need to protect it securely. We show you how.


Many UK sites are actually hosted in the USA. We help you understand what this means and what else you need to know.


Online and offline direct marketing is strictly regulated. eNaycH can make sure you do things right to protect your business.

Workplace Security

It isn’t enough to lock up valuables, you have obligations for staff safety measures as well. Get them in place with our expert guidance.


Keeping staff aware of their responsibilities ensures everyone works securely with information. eNaycH will fully train staff at every level.


Storage of recorded video, voice or vehicle details has its own legislation which we will ensure you understand and comply with.

Compliance made easy

Most of us understand that employee details should remain confidential, but the same is also true for customers, suppliers and contractors – especially if they are sole traders.

Whether a limited company, sole trader, not for profit organisation, charity or public body you are likely to encounter personal data.

If so you must follow legislation, including the Data Protection Act, or risk enforcement action or financial penalties.

eNaycH is here to take away the nightmare of understanding all the required law and policy, and help you painlessly ensure you keep personal data securely.

Get In Touch

We welcome any questions you have about protecting your data. If you prefer, you can request a call-back, or phone us using the details here.

Data protection is never going to excite anyone, yet it's a vital part of any business. Let us secure your data, leaving you to focus on the business you're passionate about.

If it's easier, eNaycH can come to you to evaluate your business and provide recommendations, no cost and no obligation (T&C's apply).

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