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High-profile security breaches have increased public concern about the handling of personal information. As some 80% of security incidents involve staff there is a clear need for your team to have a basic understanding of data protection.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recommends at least two hours training annually. They have published a training checklist and our modules are tailor-made to incorporate this list.

Data Essentials SME & Start-Ups
Data Essentials SME & Start-Ups

Aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), this is a solid grounding in all the essential aspects of data-protection.

+ What qualifies as ‘data’.
+ Which are the essential policies to be familiar with.
+ What basic practices are essential to maintain data security.

Data Essentials Large Organisations
Data Essentials Large Organisations

All the components of the Data Essentials SME & Start-Ups.

+ More in-depth learning of personal data.
+ Freedom Of Information Act.
+ Computer Misuse Act.
+ Data Transfer and Data Sharing.

Website Privacy
Website Privacy

Understand what is required when collecting personal data through your website.

+ From a simple newsletter to a full commerce solution, stored data, third party integrations, regulations, notices to customers, required company policies, responsibilities and implications of data-loss.
+ This course looks at the law in relation to where the personal data can be stored what information has to be given to your website visitors so that any opt-in consent is given voluntarily.

Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing

Mailshots, phone, fax, email and SMS direct marketing must all comply with various regulations.

+ This course looks at what customers need to be told, when you need permission to make contact.
+ How and when to provide opt-in and opt-outs, how to store client data and what may and may not be recorded.
+ Includes the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 and is aimed at direct marketing.

Live Data Security
Live Data Security

This course covers use of live data capture

+ Including CCTV, phone recording, traffic monitoring, time-recording and entry-pass systems.
+ Storage of the data, notifications required for those surveilled, regulations, notices to customers.
+ Required company policies, responsibilities and implications of data-loss.

Privacy by Design
Privacy by Design
A package to get your team and organisational processes to incorporate personal data privacy.
If you are a member of a business networking group, chamber of commerce or similar and would like an introduction to Data Protection & Privacy, eNaycH would welcome discussing the opportunity of attending your events.
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